A blog about the Costa Brava. Discover all the recommendations of the Costa Brava, thanks to Costa Brava Boats. We tell you about the best places on the Costa Brava and surroundings here.

Discover the best campings in Palamós

The costa brava boat rental is one of the best options to get to know all the beauty of the Mediterranean coast without crowds and with total privacy. Another alternative to soak up the essence of the Costa Brava is to stay in one of the Palamós campings closest to the coast to enjoy nature,

Get to know the old town of Palamós

One of our offices of the service of boat rental costa brava. It is located in Palamós. This charming town is known for its urban beach and its promenade, but it hides a treasure inside its streets that is worth exploring. Join us through this walk through the Palamos old town and soak up the

What to do in Begur

Begur is one of the most requested locations when contracting the services of costa brava boat rental. Strategically located less than two hours from Barcelona, this small coastal town hides several of the most idyllic coves on the European continent in its vicinity. Do you want to know all the secrets of this Mediterranean jewel?

Essential things on a boat

The costa brava boat rental is a service that includes all the necessary accessories and utensils to guarantee clients a comfortable and safe navigation experience. A high percentage of users, motivated by the great experience they have, consider purchasing a boat they own. If you are one of these people, today’s article will be very

How to visit the Medes Islands?

Still don’t know how to visit the Medes Islands? If you are in L’Estartit and you are looking for a way to get the most out of your visit, there are some fundamental options that you should know about, such as boat rentals in L’Estartit with Costa Brava Boats to be able to visit various

Water activities in Palamós

Palamós is a fairly complete town if you are looking for a place to spend your family vacations and enjoy a pleasant experience for everyone. Especially since it has various possibilities for water activities. In addition, thanks to the variety of places, beaches and tourist destinations, one of the best options to visit this site

The best coves in Palamós

Palamós is known as one of the most important fishing areas of the Baix Empordà, in addition, because it is the maritime gate of the province of Girona, it has become a wonderful tourist and cultural site, ideal for spending holidays and enjoying a calm atmosphere. and exciting. Discover more and get to know the

Where to eat on the Costa Brava

The Costa Brava is a region full of culture, history and tradition; For this reason, it is not surprising that this area has a wonderful gastronomy worth enjoying. So when searching: where to eat on the Costa Brava, find quality products, fresh, with wonderful flavors and incomparable smells. All this at the hands of the

Where to surf on the Costa Brava?

On the beaches of the Girona coast you can find countless beaches to practice water activities. From getting to know the coast by boat, to practicing surf in costa brava and enjoy the best beaches, and most importantly, you can enjoy the best waves if you are a fan of this sport Best surf courses

Activities with children on the Costa Brava

On the Costa Brava there are endless activities that you can do with adults and children of all ages. There are options to enjoy all its corners, nature, history and of course, towns and beaches with crystal clear waters along the coast you can enjoy renting a boat in Begur. The Costa Brava is one

The most beautiful towns on the Costa Brava

On the Costa Brava, you will surely find beautiful coastal towns that have various attractions, which not only include beautiful natural landscapes and coasts, but also find vestiges of the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. In the same way, on a cultural level, there are various towns on the Costa Brava that have a lot

The round road in Llafranc

In short, the Costa Brava is a space that has numerous emblematic sites to visit and Cami de Ronda Llafranc es one of them, with an incredible majesty enhanced by the present plant beauty and the different scenarios found along its route. It is a relatively short journey, which can be done on foot in

What can I visit in Llafranc?

Thanks to the costa brava boat rental you can know the most beautiful locations in the area. The Costa Brava keeps fantastic secrets and arouses curiosity what to see in llafranc. The possibilities are limitless, so there is no room for boredom when planning things to see in Llafranc. Llafranc is surrounded by towns such

Llafranc beach and its natural charm

In the Municipality of Palafrugell, specifically in Costa Brava, there is Llafranc beach, with 330 meters in length and reaching 35 meters in width, being one of the widest beaches in the area; Located in front of the urban area, it is also connected to a bay that is located at the foot of the

The best coves in Calella de Palafrugell

In Calella de Palafrugell coves There are landscapes like no other area of the Costa Brava, for all tastes; couples, friends and families will be able to have incredible experiences in these natural spaces. There are several options with easy access to enjoy the landscapes with crystal clear waters, whether on foot, by car or

The beauty of Cala Margarida in Palamós

Cala Margarida Palamós is one of the beautiful beaches that you can enjoy with a Costa Brava boat rental. This small cove is located in the municipality of Palamós and is characterized by being a fishermen’s beach, where it is possible to see the stranded boats and the traditional fishermen’s houses as in the past.

Best excursions in Aiguafreda

The most daring travelers may be drawn to extreme activities during excursions in Aiguafreda. Until very recently, there was only one path to reach the Aiguafreda cove; you had to go between Calle Sant Antoni de Begur going down a shortcut through the woods; quite an adventure. Later, they decided to link this cove with

What can I visit in Aiguablava?

The natural and paradisiacal environment of Begur that can be seen on a visit to Aiguablava It is ideal for many marine activities. Tourists take kayak rides along the beautiful coasts of Aiguablava and get to know the beautiful caves d’en Gisbert. One of the dream activities is to fly in a balloon, or if

Camino de Ronda from Sa Riera to Begur

One of the most beautiful getaways that can be made to the Costa Brava is to take the route of the coastal road from Sa Riera to Begur. The coastal paths were created at the time when smuggling in this area was very common. Through them the fishermen could move from one cove to another.

What to know before going to Playa Sa Tuna?

The beautiful cove of coarse sand of Sa Tuna It is at the base of a fishing village surrounded by cliffs and pine forests. Be part of the picturesque landscape of the Costa Brava when traveling to the province of Girona. This perfect beach with beautiful crystalline waters has several places to spend the day

Ideas for a boat trip to Pals

The large number of Catalan beaches that open their doors to tourism are usually found on the Costa Brava. This is where travelers must take several days to enjoy a boat trip to Pals, an area surrounded by the most beautiful nature without being exuberant. Pals beach covers more than 3 km of clear, fine

The best coves in Llafranc

The llafranc cove is one of the biggest attractions in the municipality of Palafrugell. A trip to the Costa Brava would not be complete without visiting this jewel of the Mediterranean Sea. These coves can be reached by land or through the costa brava boat rental service of Costa Brava Boats. Follow us to find

Boat trips in Begur

When going to the Costa Brava you should take a boat trip through Begur to discover the most beautiful beaches in this Mediterranean area. Along the entire coastline are the fabulous coves, which hide the most beautiful beaches and the most natural attractions in the area. In the fishing villages that make up the populations

Sites that you cannot miss to dive on the Costa Brava

Marine life on the Catalan coast of the Costa Brava has a vibrant peculiarity due to the tones and colors that are part of a landscape like no other. The dive It is one of the main attractions that visitors enjoy within that marine life. A very good way of exploring is renting a boat

Water activities Begur

In the heart of the Costa Brava is the small but attractive town of Indian character from Begur, less than ten kilometers from the town, you can reach its different coves and beaches through a winding road, all of them of exceptional beauty and great natural attractions. Many fun activities can be done in the

Boat rental in Empuriabrava

Empuriabrava is made up of many artificial canals through which you can navigate as if it were a small Spanish Venice. When you take a boat rental in Empuriabrava, these have everything necessary on board to maintain the safety and fun of the crew. That is why renting a boat in this town is common

Water activities Costa Brava

Summer is the ideal time to cool off by doing water activities and the Costa Brava is a perfect place to choose from a wide variety of options to enjoy and cool off. Let’s see what are the Costa Brava water activities to enjoy a great summer with family and friends. Water activities Costa Brava

Jocs Amusement Park in l’Estartit

When it comes to fun, in l’Estartit you should visit the Jocs amusement park. A space for the whole family, where adults and children can enjoy incredible games and delicious meals. This amusement park in l’Estartit It is ideal for creating memories full of laughter and happiness. It has attractions for the little ones with

Diving in l’Estartit

L’Estartit is known for its natural beauty and crystal clear waters in different areas. An ideal place to practice diving, since its fauna and flora are beautiful to contemplate up close. Diving fans and lovers of the sea can join this aquatic adventure in various landscapes. The Costa Brava is one of the best-known areas

Best diving centers in L’Estartit

The best aquatic adventures will be enjoyed with the diving centers of l’Estartit. A walk under the sea that will lead you to explore the fauna and flora of a protected area in the Illes Medas. With the necessary equipment to enjoy a fantastic experience. Being a site with numerous beaches and nature reserves, L’Estartit

L’Estartit the best routes to see

L’Estartit the best routes to see A fantastic experience for nature lovers can be found in the excursions in l’Estartit. A place with aquatic spaces, beaches, shopping areas and other routes to explore, La Bisbal is one of the destinations that can be visited. For this reason, in L’Estartit there are many places to discover,

BEST boat trips in L’Estartit

Boat trips and fishing during your stay in l’Estartit Take advantage of your stay in L’Estartit for a boat trip or sport fishing. There are many different options at your disposal to enjoy a family day in one of the most popular and attractive activities on the Costa Brava. Aboard a llaut, a traditional fishing

Camino de Ronda de l’Estartit: From Cap de la Barra to Cala Ferriol

During the time of the civil war, the l’estartit coastal path was the route taken by soldiers to protect this part of the Catalan coast. Today, these trails are an ideal tourist attraction for lovers of hiking. In today’s Costa Brava boat rental blog you will discover the l’estartit coastal path that stretches from the

Beaches for dogs in l’Estartit for summer

Anyone who has a dog as a pet knows that they have a faithful friend for the rest of their lives. These stalwart friends like to go for walks and many love the beach. In today’s Costa Brava Boats blog you are going to discover which beaches for dogs in Estartit you can take them

Montgrí Castle in l’Estartit

Montgrí Castle in l’Estartit. This majestic castle, which was once a military fortification, is currently an impressive attraction located at the tip of the massif of the same name. The massís del Montgrí extends towards the sea coasts, forming an impressive coastline full of cliffs almost one hundred meters high. There is a fabulous cobbled

Best mini golf on the Costa Brava

Many of the clients who come to our Costa Brava boat rental facilities ask us about leisure activities when they return to port. Costa Brava mini golf is a safe bet if you are looking for fun, laughter and a pleasant time with your family or friends. Mini golf is a game that has become

List of paddle courts to play near l’Estartit

Today in Costa Brava Boats we would be talking about Padel, Padel is a sport that originated in Mexico, approximately, in the 60s. However, this game became popular and reached other countries, including Spain, as well as having been modified and educated to different game modalities that may include a greater or lesser number of

Pirate experience with the Corsari Negre ship in L’Estartit

The black corsair in Estartit is one of the most visited marine attractions by tourists in l’Estartit. In today’s post we tell you everything about this boat. You will discover its origins, the route it takes, the schedules and some curiosities. At Costa Brava Boats we invite you to live your own adventure sailing through

Snorkelling in L’Estartit

Snorkeling is one of the most frequent activities in this town, because it offers the opportunity to appreciate the biodiversity that is hidden at the bottom of the sea. In L’Estartit there are different companies that offer snorkeling tours, the most outstanding ones are presented below based on the services they offer. Another way to

Everything about Cala Calella in L’Estartit

La Cala Calella is a tourist place located in the port of L’Estartit and constitutes an ideal rock formation for different recreational activities. To access it, you must take a walk of at least 30 minutes from the port. However, what you will find when you reach this point is a spectacular viewpoint called Cap

Cala Pedrosa in L’Estartit

This Cala Pedrosa Estartit It is well known for being a place with an impressive setting, full of pine trees and with a special charm. Its name comes from the peculiar physiognomy it presents, since as soon as you arrive you can see the stone beds of boulders that make up its surface. Besides,Cala Pedrosa

Best coves to anchor on the Costa Brava

After spending the day sailing through the beautiful Mediterranean waters of the Costa Brava, the best way to rest peacefully is to anchor on one of the beaches along the coast with buoys available to do so. Next we will see some coves to anchor Costa Brava in which to relax before resuming navigation back.

The Medes Islands, the islands of the Costa Brava

This paradise on the Costa Brava Islas Medas is made up of a group of seven small islands that form an archipelago, among which are the Medallot, the Ferrenellas, the fat Tascó, the small Tascó and the Small Meda. They are considered one of the outstanding natural reserves in the Mediterranean Sea and are undoubtedly

L’illa Roja – What to know about Begur to be well prepared?

Illa Roja beach is a must for all recreational boaters who hire the Costa Brava boat rental service. This beach is located in an environment full of beautiful landscapes and colorful coves. It is one of the best known in the area and in all of Catalonia, and owes its name to a reddish rock

AiguaBlava beach – What you should know before going this 2023

Playa Aiguablava is one of the favorite destinations for visitors who come to Catalonia every year to enjoy the warm, crystalline waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Aiguablava beach is located in Begur, (Girona), and is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and beautiful places where you can also enjoy a moment to relax and enjoy your trip

What to know before going to Sa Riera Beach

Sa Riera is the largest cove in the municipality of Begur, with more than 200 meters in length. If you are planning to spend a few days in Begur, you cannot miss a visit to this unique beach, with Port des Pi on the right and Cala del Rey on the left. Its name comes

Best beaches on the Costa Brava

The best Costa Brava beaches They stretch along the Catalan coast between Blanes and Portbou, one of the ports closest to the coast’s border with France. The coast of the province of Girona is known almost entirely as the Costa Brava. Enjoy the best beaches on the Costa Brava It means enjoying a coastline with

Best activities in l’Estartit

If you are planning a getaway in the area of l’Estartit and you are looking for plans to do with friends, partner or family, you are in an ideal place to have a great time with a wide range of activities for all tastes. L’Estartit is a beautiful summer resort where you can enjoy the
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