Sites that you cannot miss to dive on the Costa Brava

Marine life on the Catalan coast of the Costa Brava has a vibrant peculiarity due to the tones and colors that are part of a landscape like no other. The dive It is one of the main attractions that visitors enjoy within that marine life. A very good way of exploring is renting a boat on the Costa Brava without a license, this way you can dive in the areas that you like the most without problems.

The Costa Brava has some magical spaces, full of wonderful coves where the Mediterranean water is an emblem of the beauty of the place.

In an extension of more than 200 kilometers of coast, the towns that make it up make the Costa Brava one of the favorite places for summer vacations, beach baths, walks along the coastal paths, boat trips and water sports.

To go scuba diving in the Costa Brava, divers can take classes for beginners with all the equipment insured in the different diving schools found in the area.

The vision of the sea bed is a unique experience that cannot be missed when visiting these paradisiacal places on the Costa Brava.

Something that is allowed to do while diving on the Costa Brava is to take pictures of marine life.

Diving in Punta Dels Tres Frares

This diving area on the Costa Brava It consists of a small gulf that has all levels for divers. Initially it is shallow, although there is a 40 meter wall.

Marine life is very varied and picturesque. It has a somewhat irregular drop while divers descend into its fauna.

Expert dive

If the divers are experts, then it is best to take the excursion to the Marmoler, which is between 36 and 40 meters deep with the guide company.

To carry out this activity it is essential to have a perfect mastery of deep diving techniques. Fortunately, on the Costa Brava there are many opportunities to do this type of immersion.

Canons of Tamariu

It is one of the most impressive dives on the Costa Brava, as it has three submerged mountains that have various slopes from 8 meters deep.

There are plenty of beautiful fish and caves to venture into, all of which have been preserved and studied over the years of Costa Brava diving.

Exploration in parks and protected areas of the Costa Brava

There are protected areas and national parks where the marine flora and fauna are fabulous. In the corners of the seabed there are large openings where unimaginable adventures can be experienced.

Among the most popular places for diving are Ullastres, Furió Fitó and the beautiful Formigues islands.

Some of the attractions that can be clearly seen when diving on the Costa Brava is the number of ships sunk. Some of them are the Bóreas and the Marmoler, both of which can take underwater walks with the proper equipment.

When the areas are well lit, you can clearly see the algae and a large number of marine animals, molluscs and fish such as grouper and moray eels. After a few classes for beginners, tourists will be able to diving in the Costa Brava and admire the rock bottom full of cracks.

You can diving in the Costa Brava by yourself, renting a boat in Begur and decided where you want to diving with Costa Brava Boats.