Best coves to anchor on the Costa Brava

After spending the day sailing through the beautiful Mediterranean waters of the Costa Brava, the best way to rest peacefully is to anchor on one of the beaches along the coast with buoys available to do so. Next we will see some coves to anchor Costa Brava in which to relax before resuming navigation back.

In some of these coves with buoys to anchor, a transfer service to the mainland is offered, where you can enjoy the beach or the restaurant services that are available in the location. To enjoy this experience you can rent a boat with Costa Brava Boats, on our website.

Where to anchor on the Costa Brava?

One of the areas where buoys are distributed to anchor in the coves to anchor the Costa Brava is the Bay of Roses, north of the Costa Brava. In Roses, it is the port itself that is responsible for the distribution and management of the buoys, which can be requested through the application form that they make available to the client.

In the Port of Roses, the anchor buoys offer different types of services, through the colors of the anchor buoys. The colors of the buoys indicate the type of service rented or simply the duration of the mooring in that buoy. In these buoys the colors you can find are blue, orange and white.

  • White buoys: indicate anchoring with catering, camping and hotel services.
  • Orange buoys: they are buoys for short-term anchoring.
  • Blue buoys: long duration buoys.

A little further up in Cadaqués, there are companies that manage this service and which you can contact to reserve a buoy to anchor. Among them, it is worth mentioning the Port of Cadaqués or the companies that manage the anchorage in Port de la Selva and that provide service to another of the large areas with beautiful coves to anchor the Costa Brava that you can choose.

Below we highlight other coves to anchor Costa Brava.

Cala Culip

This beautiful cove located in Cadaqués, near the Cap de Creus lighthouse, is made up of rocks that, due to their shape, add to the beauty of the place and, if the winds are not blowing strongly, you can anchor in complete peace of mind; In addition, this site can be reached both by boat and on foot.

If you want to enjoy a good lunch near the place, the Cap de Creus Restaurant is one of the best options, with authentic Mediterranean food, it is open until late and has a terrace from where you can admire the sea; If you also want to enjoy a good drink to accompany lunch, the best place is Bar Sa Freu, which is located near the Cap de Creus lighthouse, and also offers Mediterranean food.

Cala Futadera

Located near Tossa de Mar, this cove can be accessed on foot, after a 280-meter walk down a path with steps, but it is worth going through this difficult access, as the views here are incomparable, many Boats anchor in this cove for the tranquility of its waters and to admire the incredible landscape that can be found there. After visiting this beautiful place, you can taste delicious meals in the restaurants of Tossa de Mar, such as the Tursia Restaurant, with quality service, offers seafood, in addition to its specialty is seafood, and the best thing is that it is open until late. .

Cala Aigua Xelida

This is one of the most visited by lovers of Josep Pla, a well-known writer from Ampurdán, since here is a plaque that recalls his boat trips with the fisherman Sebastià Hermós.

Located in Tamariu, it offers a great visual attraction for all who visit it, in addition to being easily accessible, since there is a parking lot a few meters from it, and it is also an excellent place for families, due to its quiet environment. In addition to being able to observe this landscape, near the cove there are very good places to enjoy a good lunch, one of them is the Es Dofi Restaurant, which serves delicious Mediterranean food and seafood, as well as having gluten-free options; but if you are looking for something different you can enter the Pizzeria El Camí de Ronda, with a good environment and pleasant attention for the enjoyment of the whole family.

Cala S’Eixugador

A perfect cove for those looking for a small space, it is located in Sa Tuna and can be reached by walking along the Ronda Sud path from the place, passing by the Mirador de Sant Josep. This is an incredible place to anchor, as it has crystal clear waters that create a beautiful contrast with the grayish color of the sand and the rock wall that surrounds it, and you can also practice diving and observe all the underwater beauty.

After living this experience, you can go on to try the delicious dishes that are offered nearby, and one of the most visited places is the Es Plom Gastrobar restaurant, which offers exquisite traditional dishes. Another very popular place is the Hostal Sa Tuna Restaurant, with its specialty in seafood, although it also has gluten-free and vegetarian options, one of the best places to visit. Perfect to visit and alquilar un barco en Begur.

Playa Montjoi

Quiet cove where you can anchor calmly, with very few waves, very safe and only a little over 5 kilometers from Roses.

Canyelles and Almadraba Beach

Located very close to Roses, just 3 kilometers from the first and 5 kilometers from the second, it allows boats under 8 meters in length to spend the night. From these coves it is possible to easily access the Almadraba lighthouse.

Cala Pelosa

Very popular near Roses, approximately 9 kilometers away. Surrounded by natural beauty and in an environment with great nature, it stands out for its beach bar that offers boat and restaurant services to visitors.

Cala Calitjás and Jóncols

The Calitjás cove is made of sand and rocks and is between Montjoi and Pelosa, a refuge made of sand and rocks to protect us from the wind and to anchor. Another of the coves to anchor in this place is Cala Jóncols, on the other side of Cap Norfeu.


Among the large coves to anchor the Costa Brava are those managed by the port of Cadaqués. Among them you can enjoy Sotamar, with diving services in the area, Port Cadaqués or Port de la Selva, with more than 200 buoys available to enjoy beautiful coves with crystal clear water on the Costa Brava.