What to know before going to Playa Sa Tuna?

The beautiful cove of coarse sand of Sa Tuna It is at the base of a fishing village surrounded by cliffs and pine forests. Be part of the picturesque landscape of the Costa Brava when traveling to the province of Girona.

This perfect beach with beautiful crystalline waters has several places to spend the day and eat the delicious local food on the coast of Sa Tuna in Begur.

It has a coastal path that reaches the cliffs showing the charm of the picturesque houses with an unparalleled sense of calm.

It is a very quiet place where you can go for a walk with the family at any time of the year. The boats that are stranded, ready to set sail and get the catch of the day, give a special touch to the landscape of Sa Tuna.

To the right of the cove there is a small cove that can be reached by boat or by walking along the round of stones that borders Sa Tuna. This small cove is called S’Eixugador, one of the most beautiful secrets of this area.

Sa Tuna can be reached by land by car or public transport, although it can also be accessed by sea by boat or by tours that visit the different coves of the Costa Brava.

You have a view of the Medas Island, escorted on one side by the fishermen’s houses and on the other virgin side of houses with a huge pine forest.

Services at Sa Tuna Beach

It has paid parking services if you go by private vehicle. In case of going by public transport or on tours from the town of Begur, the prices are not usually very high.

In the area there are fresh water shower systems for bathers who go to the beach. Tourists have four restaurants that serve the beach with exquisite fresh fish dishes.

There are guards who are guarding the tranquility of Sa Tuna when it is visited by tourists.

The umbrellas are available to whoever arrives. As it is a small beach, if you do not arrive early in the morning, access may not be available.

You can do marine activities such as snorkeling, diving, scuba diving, impressive experiences due to the clarity of its waters. A very good option to carry out the aquatic activity is to rent a boat in Sa Tuna.

Despite being so small, the Sa Tuna cove It is a gem to travel. If you want to spend a few days in this magnificent area, it is advisable to have a well-established itinerary, especially if you travel in high season.