Ideas for a boat trip to Pals

The large number of Catalan beaches that open their doors to tourism are usually found on the Costa Brava. This is where travelers must take several days to enjoy a boat trip to Pals, an area surrounded by the most beautiful nature without being exuberant.

Pals beach covers more than 3 km of clear, fine sand, with impressive views of the sea and the rock formations in the area. It can also be visited in two parts, the Grau beach and the Gran beach.

Something that distinguishes Pals from the rest of the beaches is its natural combination of beaches, dunes and pine forests, which provide a space worth exploring. Tourists can choose between tours on foot, boat, private car and renting a boat in Pals. or without license.

For many people this is the dream destination that has it all. It offers everything from beach activities such as volleyball, hiking and hours of relaxation in the sun, to surf lessons and Boat trips around Pals with the company of expert guides.

pals boat tour

Maritime tour of the Medes Islands

Pals is found in conjunction with the Baix Ter hiking route, the Montgrí National Park and the beautiful Medes Islands. The latter offer the tourist public the opportunity to enjoy various water activities.

There are ports that offer boat trips to the beach of Pals, which can be in groups or private. During the tour, photographs of the marine scenery are usually taken, and scuba diving.

Marine life is further enjoyed by practicing scuba diving accompanied by professional divers, while those who wish to do water sports have kitesurfing or windsurfing.

trip to the great beach

Trip through Playa Gran and Playa del Grau

Both beaches make up the natural beauty of Pals, so a tourist cannot visit only one and leave the other aside. It is best to have a boat trip to Pals with stops at both beaches.

The first stop is usually at Playa del Grau because of the calm it offers its visitors. It is the ideal space to free yourself from the routine of the cities, rest on its golden sands and feel the breeze from the beach.

It has a limit between L’Estartit and this beach by the Rec del Molí river, which reaches the golf area.

On the other hand, there is Playa Gran as one of the virgin beaches with rough sand and great waves. Children are not usually taken to that area due to the increase in the depth of the sea.

Something that draws a lot of attention from this beach on boat trips to Pals It is the stop in the nudist area. It is a space accepted by the community and visitors who wish to enter. The same happens to the south of Playa del Racó in Pals.