Essential things on a boat

The costa brava boat rental is a service that includes all the necessary accessories and utensils to guarantee clients a comfortable and safe navigation experience.

A high percentage of users, motivated by the great experience they have, consider purchasing a boat they own.

If you are one of these people, today’s article will be very useful, since in it you will discover what are the essential things on a boat and what accessories you need to always navigate in the best conditions.

Essential accessories on board

When you hire a boat at the boat rental service on the Costa Brava, you know that it has undergone exhaustive controls and that it is in perfect condition for your use and enjoyment.

However, when you own a boat and do not have the necessary knowledge or experience, you may be surprised by a breakdown that prevents you from returning to port to repair it.

Don’t worry. If you include the elements that we list below, you will be able to solve any emergency without panic taking over the crew.

What are the accessories that must always be taken on a boat?

We begin with our list of essential things on a boat:

  1. White vinegar: Crew safety is always the most important thing when sailing. Vinegar helps to mitigate irritations caused by mosquito bites or by contact with a jellyfish during the bath. Another of its most useful applications is to act as a de-icing agent for the windshield when you go sailing in winter and have to deal with low temperatures.
  2. Toolbox: Even if it seems like a no-brainer, you’d be surprised at the number of “sailors” who forget to include a toolbox in their boat. In addition to the usual utensils, elements such as the famous American multipurpose tape or putty sticks and epoxy glue can help you repair a damage caused by impact or breakage in any part of the boat in a few minutes.
  3. Large size garbage bags: the Garbage bags have many uses on a boat. They can serve as a raincoat when the storm rages, protect electronic devices from moisture, act as plugs in case of a leak or as emergency mends for a ripped fabric.
  4. Candles: it’s not about lighting up a romantic dinner on board (although that’s not a bad idea either). Wax can be a great emergency remedy for ropes that won’t slide, corroded hooks, or badly worn zippers.
  5. Plastic bottles: by cutting the base of a bottle you will have one of the most useful tools for draining water from the boat. The resistance of the plastic can also help you in case you need to patch a hose.