How to visit the Medes Islands?

Still don’t know how to visit the Medes Islands? If you are in L’Estartit and you are looking for a way to get the most out of your visit, there are some fundamental options that you should know about, such as boat rentals in L’Estartit with Costa Brava Boats to be able to visit various destinations without having to be At the same place.
For this reason, if you are wondering how to visit the medes islands, this is the best option, not to mention that, by renting a boat, you can visit other nearby destinations in this area full of natural landscapes and magical places in the company of your friends or family.


By renting a boat in l’Estartit, it is very easy to take a tour around this small but beautiful archipelago that has a great diversity of flora and fauna, this being one of the reasons why the Medes Islands are considered one of the marine reserves more important.
When visiting the Medes Islands you will discover everything that surrounds this beautiful place and more, if you do it by renting a boat with Costa Brava Boats. It does not hurt to improve the experience by renting a boat that suits the needs of each one.
This is also a great opportunity to surprise a loved one with a completely different experience, living a great adventure on board a boat that, in turn, allows us to visit the best beaches and coves in the l’Estartit area.
On board a boat you can enjoy all the rutillas and hidden places that can be found around the Medes Islands where you can do water activities such as snorkeling or simply enjoy a moment of relaxation between the sand, the sun and the sea.


If you are interested in visiting the Medes Islands and opting for the boat rental without licence in l’Estartit, you should know that this is one of the largest natural reserves in the western Mediterranean, known as the Medes Islands or Illes Medes, so named because it is a small archipelago made up of 7 islets.
The names of these islets are: La Meda Gran, La Meda Petita, Carall Bernat, Tascons Grossos, Medallot, Tascons Petits and Ferranelles, a total of seven wonderful destinations that add up to a territorial extension of 23 hectares, available for you to visit. tourists can fully enjoy the experience. Are you still thinking about how to visit the Medes Islands?
For this reason, when renting a boat, we are not limited to a single area but we can make a complete visit, including the submarine protection area that has more than 500,000 m². Also, you cannot miss the opportunity to learn a little about the history of this area, including everything related to the marine wealth and beauty of this reserve, which has existed since 1983. Dare to live this adventure visiting the Medes Islands and discover everything they have to discover.