The round road in Llafranc

In short, the Costa Brava is a space that has numerous emblematic sites to visit and Cami de Ronda Llafranc es one of them, with an incredible majesty enhanced by the present plant beauty and the different scenarios found along its route.

It is a relatively short journey, which can be done on foot in about 20 minutes without much difficulty; however, it is always recommended to wear comfortable clothing and enough hydration for the road.

This journey leads from Llafranc to Calella de Palafrugell and during it you will find beautiful places to admire and enjoy in the company of loved ones, such as towns classified as GR-II.

If you want to spend the day in Llafranc, you can start the route through Canadell, a small cove of exquisite beauty that preserves the old summer house that belonged to the Josep Pla family; It has a natural landscape characterized by rock formations.

On one side of the beach, towards the north, you go up the stairs to start the route that takes you to the place where Cap Roig is located; It is a slightly irregular space due to the rocks, but it is not difficult to get around, so the Cami de Ronda Llafranc It is also suitable for little adventurers.

Through this rocky area, you can see numerous tourists who take advantage of the landscape, from bathers who enjoy the sun resting on the rocks to fishermen; a curious spectacle to behold, having different levels in the rocks that gradually change the vision of the landscape.

Once this area has been passed, on the way to the northwest you can see the bay of Llafranc and to the north, the renowned Sant Sebastià Lighthouse, a sign that you have reached your destination. Where you can enjoy a pleasant day in this cheerful town with excellent services.

Curiosities about the Cami de Ronda Llafranc

The Camino de Ronda is undoubtedly a journey full of curiosities, beginning with the Cap Roig Botanical Garden, the most important in the entire Mediterranean Sea; there are a diversity of plants such as cacti and agaves of intense green tones, a contrast with the colorful local vegetation that will be appreciated throughout the tour.

The monument to the fishermen is another of the treasures that will be found in the middle of the Cami de ronda LlafrancThere are also several viewpoints that offer an incredible view of the beaches in the area. As well as the sea, where you can even enjoy a relaxing walk in its waters or rent a boat in llafranc or without license with Costa Brava Boats.

Another historical treasure is the Dolmen de Can Mina dels Torrents, a megalithic antiquity dating between 3,400 and 3,000 BC, which can be seen by taking the path from Llafranc that leads to Tamariu. In addition, you can visit the San Sebastián lighthouse through a slightly more difficult slope than the road used before in the Llafranc ring road, although it is paved.