Camino de Ronda de l’Estartit: From Cap de la Barra to Cala Ferriol

During the time of the civil war, the l’estartit coastal path was the route taken by soldiers to protect this part of the Catalan coast.

Today, these trails are an ideal tourist attraction for lovers of hiking. In today’s Costa Brava boat rental blog you will discover the l’estartit coastal path that stretches from the Cap de la Barra viewpoint to Cala Ferriol passing through the most beautiful coves and cliffs in the area.

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Route of the Camino de Ronda in l’Estartit

To start the tour, you must follow the signs that you will find on the Camino de Ronda in l’Estartit.

  • Approximate duration: 3 hours
  • Traveled distance: 6 Kilometers
  • Departure: Cap de la Barra Viewpoint
  • Arrival: Cala Ferriol
  • Recommendations: Comfortable clothes and shoes, light luggage, water and food, sun protection.

Itinerary of the coastal path in l’estartit

After a few days sailing along the Costa Brava, many visitors land for a different view through the coastal path of l’Estartit. This is the detailed itinerary.

Viewpoint Cap of the bar

The route must be done following the signs that will be found on the Camino de Ronda in l’Estartit.

Starting from the port of l’Estartit, take Cap de la Barra street to the point where the path that leads to the Mirador de Barras begins. From here you can see the Medes Islands. It is a simple and paved road and you can see people jumping into the sea from the rocks.

Cala Calella

This beautiful rocky beach is a little further north, near Punta de Salines on the Camino de Ronda de l’Estartit.

It is located just after the Cap de la Barra viewpoint on the slope towards the coast. In it it is very common to find boats that will also enjoy these splendid waters of the Mediterranean through the boat rental without a license in l’Estartit.

As it is a beach so little crowded and its arrival is by crossing or by sea, it does not have services. It is completely natural, with crystal clear waters, especially suitable for diving or snorkeling.

El Golfet de Falaguer

Continuing with the trip, passing through this area of the Ronda de l’Estartit path, there is a wonderful view of the Montgrí natural park. This path passes through L’Escala where the imposing cliffs evoke the magnitude of the sea and the wonder of nature.

Cala Pedrosa

It is a rocky beach mined with small crabs, and accessible by path or by water via kayak. Although it is not very crowded, it is also beautiful and small.

It is shown as a favorite destination for yachts and summer boats. Its crystalline waters invite you to swim and dive.

To go down to the beach, there is a railing attached to the stairs for added safety. In this cove there is a food service with shelters for local fishermen.

Cala Ferriol

Finally, upon reaching the desired destination of the coastal path in l’Estartit, he comes across this beautiful cove, one of the favorites in l’Estartit.

Since it is not easily accessible, you are not going to find a crowd there either. There are no services, it is a virgin beach in that sense.

It is reached by the forest path through the Montgrí natural park. The path is stony and shows a cliff that can generate some uncertainty, but it is a unique spectacle.

When you get to the beach you can see the islets called Illots. Another way to get there is on excursions that arrive by boat, in which they have the opportunity to see the marine fauna of all this fantastic Camino de Ronda in l’Estartit.