BEST boat trips in L’Estartit

Boat trips and fishing during your stay in l’Estartit

Take advantage of your stay in L’Estartit for a boat trip or sport fishing.

There are many different options at your disposal to enjoy a family day in one of the most popular and attractive activities on the Costa Brava.

Aboard a llaut, a traditional fishing boat from the area will not only take you through the fabulous and legendary “rock holes”, but you will also be able to contemplate the seabed off the coast and the islands.

And why not sign up for a real pirate ship? An excursion to the Montgrí coast, bathing in the “Falaguer” area and sailing in the Medes Islands natural park. If you just want to feel like a real fisherman, you can go on a great sport fishing excursion.

Also find the best boat rentals in l’Estartit

Best boat trips in l’Estartit

Going by boat in the Mediterranean is a dream for any lover of these trips. The marine fauna is impressive, you can do all kinds of marine sports or simply enjoy the fantastic beaches of the Costa Brava with Costa Brava Boats taking rent a boat without license in Estartit.

When you arrive at l’Estartit you have the possibility of going on many types of boats to enjoy the sea. You can go through the different coves, reach Cap de Creus, Illes Medes, even to the French border.

The indescribable landscapes that are allowed to be admired by taking boat trips in l’Estartit will remain forever etched in the memories of tourists favored by the vision of its unique nature.

The best walks in l’Estartit

There are many options to take a boat trip in l’Estartit. Among them are the following.

L’aventura del Nautilus

It is the first ship in which you can see the bottom of the sea without leaving it. An impressive show for young and old. The underwater visionit gives a very different touch to any other type of boat ride.

When you go in large groups, this is one of the most recommended tours, since you will enjoy the aquatic animals and the view of the underwater spaces.

Excursiones Maritimes Núria

Here they allow them to have a nice walk, enter magical caves and swim in the crystal clear waters of the three coves where they take them.

It is a simple boat of old fishermen. That is why they offer services for other activities, such as speedboats.

The guides give explanations and history of the place, of the different coves where they take them and of the caves through which they pass. A somewhat more relaxed but beautiful adventure.

L’Escola Nautic Diving l’Estartit

It is a freediving, diving and snorkeling school from where boat tour services are contracted. They offer open water rides with guides and specialized teachers so that those who wish to take the course learn everything related to this modality.

There you can dive with an instructor, without large groups or rush, and just enjoy the wonderful dive.

Creuers 2 mes 2

In this beautiful boat you can have a very cool and summery journey. They take you to visit the coast and the Medes Islands. Also to take a bath in one of the beautiful covesfrom the Costa Brava region.

It has a glass viewpoint where you can see the seabed from the boat. Undoubtedly an unforgettable adventure for the tourist.


When you go to select the boat trip in l’Estartit consider what you really want to do. If you are a marine sports enthusiast, take advantage of the ones that have all these activities., with specialized equipment and guides.

On the other hand, if what you want is to visit virgin beaches, take the ones that will take you through the different coves and take advantage of taking a dip in their waters.

If you want to do the tour you want on your own and you have the knowledge of navigation, you can rent a sailboat or boat to do this tour at your own time and measure.

The important thing is to enjoy the impeccable landscapes and the blue sea with all the benefits that this brings to the body and mind.