Get to know the old town of Palamós

One of our offices of the service of boat rental costa brava. It is located in Palamós. This charming town is known for its urban beach and its promenade, but it hides a treasure inside its streets that is worth exploring.

Join us through this walk through the Palamos old town and soak up the local culture and customs in which the fishing and maritime activity of a lifetime continues despite its marked tourist character.

What to visit in the old town of Palamós?

In the old town of Palamós you will find authentic architectural jewels such as the Church of Santa María, which is also the oldest building in the town.

This monument houses the inventory of the architectural heritage of Catalonia. If you are looking to discover the essence of Palamós, this church is an essential visit.

Another of the most popular locations in Palamós is the Castle of Tossa del Mar. It is a fortification built to defend the town against possible attacks by sea in ancient times.

If what you are looking for is a quiet walk through the streets of Palamós, we recommend the Pedró neighborhood, an example of the Mediterranean style, or visits to the Capilla del Carmen or the Church of Santa Eugenia.

Closer to the urban beach and the promenade of Palamós is the Ensanche neighbourhood, another area of the town that is worth enjoying a pleasant walk.

Get to know the old town of Palamós

In addition to the architectural wealth of the town, the old town of Palamós is the link between the town and the sea, the great provider and livelihood of the local economy.

An essential visit near the old town of Palamós It is the one from the fishing museum. In addition to the permanent exhibition, a multitude of training activities, documentary series and even a show cooking with fresh products from the market are organized.


After learning about the history of Palamós through the streets of the old town and its buildings, it is best to sit down to taste some of the typical dishes of its Mediterranean cuisine.

In the old town of Palamós, far from the first area of beaches and the seaport, you will find some culinary gems that are worth trying.

Once you have regained your strength, you can go to the promenade to reserve one of the boats on the boat rental in palamos, which allows you to enjoy spectacular views of the surroundings and anchor in one of the coves that are difficult to access by land in the area.

If you want to live an unforgettable experience on board a boat with all the comforts, we invite you to reserve your place as soon as possible, since it is a service that is in high demand by visitors.

You will find us on the promenade near the old town of Palamós.