The best coves in Llafranc

The llafranc cove is one of the biggest attractions in the municipality of Palafrugell. A trip to the Costa Brava would not be complete without visiting this jewel of the Mediterranean Sea.
These coves can be reached by land or through the costa brava boat rental service of Costa Brava Boats. Follow us to find out exactly where the beach is and what activities you can do in its vicinity.

How to get to Cala de Llafranc?

llafranc beach

The llafranc coves are located at Passeig de Cipsela, 6, 17211 Llafranc, Girona. One of the ways to get there is to park your car in Calella de Palafrugell and cross the Camino de Ronda to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

You also have buses that arrive in Palafrugell from Barcelona or the Josep Tarradellas or El Prat airports.

What is Cala Llafranc like?

llafranc beach

The llafranc cove is a sandy area of fine sand 330 meters long and 32 meters wide. They are surrounded by beautiful cliffs and a wide promenade with a multitude of restaurants with terraces.

The beach has showers, footbaths, boat rentals and lifeguard posts. It is accessible for people with reduced mobility and has adapted toilets. The blue flag enables the bathroom of visitors.

If tourists want to enjoy all the splendor of Llafranc, they cannot miss this beach in front of its cultural center.

Water activities such as boat rides, boat rental in Llafranc with free Wi-Fi and surfing can be done in the areas near the port.

The area for bathers in the coves of Llafranc is especially beautiful, displaying fine, clear sand, an open sea area and easy access.

This beach not only provides hours of fun, but it is healthy and safe fun thanks to the Red Cross service. This service is undoubtedly necessary in Llafranc as it allows people with reduced mobility to enjoy their day on the sand or in the adaptable showers.

Is there parking in Cala Llafranc?

The car park in las llafranc cales is two minutes from the arenal. The exact location is: Carrer de Lluís Marquès Carbó, 7, 17211 Llafranc, Girona.

What to do in Llafranc?

Palafrugell has an important nerve center that is divided into Tamariu, Calella de Palafrugell and Llafranc.

The latter is a port at the northern end of Palafrugell, which has various water attractions and exquisite cuisine. It is an important area of the Catalan economy due to the cork industry and its export.

The main attraction in these lands of Girona are the coves of Llafranc that have tourist walks to the flora, fauna and local history. The peak of visits usually increases at the end of August due to the habanera songs.

Upon reaching the urban area you can enjoy the various services for travelers. Many of them decide to explore the gastronomy of restaurants and bars, while others want to get the best Llafranc souvenirs in the local shops.

Walk along the bay in Sant Sebastià

A mandatory destination for all tourists in the coves of Llafranc is the Bay in Sant Sebastià. This mountain has the lighthouse of Sant Sebastià, which divides Tamariu from Llafranc with a glorious view of much of the Costa Brava.

This tourism center covers kilometers of Catalan history within the San Sebastián de la Guarda Complex. A hotel can be found for tourists who want to explore the local Sanctuary and Hermitage.

Further on is the Watchtower that shows the distant coast. It is located 165 m above sea level, and it is a destination that opens the way to the Llafranc cove in wooded areas.

The walk through the cove takes travelers to a very beautiful area of trees and local fauna, which has been carefully preserved. It is a tour of around 2 hours that takes breaks for a refreshing drink in bars or restaurants.

If tourists want a Mediterranean experience with exercise on foot in the coves of Llafranc, they cannot miss the coastal path of the Costa Brava between Llafranc and Calella de Palafrugell, which is 4 km long.

Now that you know which are the best coves in Llafranc, it is time to plan your trip. If you want to live a unique experience sailing between cliffs and nature, we recommend you book the llafranc boat rental or without license service today at Costa Brava Boats. You’re going to love it!