Everything about Cala Calella in L’Estartit

La Cala Calella is a tourist place located in the port of L’Estartit and constitutes an ideal rock formation for different recreational activities. To access it, you must take a walk of at least 30 minutes from the port. However, what you will find when you reach this point is a spectacular viewpoint called Cap de la barra, where you can appreciate the view that extends to Illes Medes and Punta de Molinet.

However, the route does not end here, but it is also possible to descend through the cliff to enjoy the spaces designated for enjoying the beach and its waters. It should be noted that this narrow entrance to the sea does not offer any additional service, so it constitutes a completely natural space without the intervention of any external agent.

Under these circumstances, the place is ideal for tourists looking for an encounter with nature, since it is a biodiverse walk where you can enjoy the vegetation and rock formations that have been modeled by the crystal clear water that houses its time, great diversity of marine life and unsurpassed beauty under the sea.

Why visit Cala Calella?

The location of this cove and its impressive viewpoint offers tourists an incomparable landscape that cannot be seen from another point, since there is a panoramic view that includes the Medes Islands and Punta Molinet as part of the horizon that can be seen from this point.

In addition, it is a place that is included in the tourist tours of the Port of L’Estartit because it is part of this natural complex that is made up of different natural spaces that are impressive for visitors due to their characteristics, including the fact that , it is not a common beach with crowded visits, but, on the contrary, it is a quiet space where you can carry out relaxation activities as rent a boat in L’Estartit without licence in Costa Brava Boats.

On the way to Cala Calella

Other advantages that this small cove offers as a tourist destination is that, on the way to it, it is possible to take routes such as Cala Ferriol, in order to appreciate the different landscapes that can be seen from this road that has different viewpoints. throughout it.

It is an area full of views where you can see the cliffs that are located in the northern part of the Port of L’Estartit, as well as the Illes Medes, the Baix Ter, and you can even see the Montgrí Natural Park. To take this extraordinary route to Cala Calella, it is necessary to take the GR 92 path, which allows you to take a tour where you can include other coves and beaches within the tour plan. It is recommended to take this specific route to broaden the experience, understanding that it is not just about the beauty of Cala Calella, but about the whole complex.