Best mini golf on the Costa Brava

Many of the clients who come to our Costa Brava boat rental facilities ask us about leisure activities when they return to port.
Costa Brava mini golf is a safe bet if you are looking for fun, laughter and a pleasant time with your family or friends.

Mini golf is a game that has become very popular around the world. It is played by young and old alike. The objective is to put the ball in the hole as in normal golf, and the one who does it with the fewest strokes wins.

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In addition to its size, it differs from common golf because it is practiced in a small space, with walls and tracks so that the ball does not leave them.

Costa Brava mini golf is a very common attraction in some resorts, hotels, bars and clubs in the area. Here is a list of the best.

The best mini golf on the Costa Brava

Among the most varied and best mini golf courses in Costa Brava to spend quality time and fun, we will name the following.

1.Minigolf carmansó

Location: Sector Carmansó, 120, 17487 Empuriabrava, Girona

In addition to being very beautiful and entertaining, it has trees that provide shade during the tour.

There are benches in the surroundings to sit down to rest between shifts, or for companions. In addition to the difficulty levels, the bar is open with the best drinks to accompany the afternoon of games.

Minigolf Carmansó

2.Minigolf Greens

A very nice place to spend the day in a mini golf on the Costa Brava. The game consists of 18 holes with increasing difficulty, although very fun and with an excellent location facing the sea. The shadows that the trees give to the courts make it pleasant to play even in summer.

3. Magic Green Minigolf

It is a magnificent hole course that has excellent greens and very fun tracks. With different levels of difficulty, it has a terrace to rest and hang out after the tour.

14. Rostisseria coronel mini golf

4. Mini Golf Squash Club

5. Mini Golf

6. Minigolf bar Montpla. Paddle. Tennis.

It is an ideal space to spend a lot of fun time, in addition to all the comforts.
The miniature golf is very entertaining and has well-kept tracks. It offers a perfect environment for children and adults, and is considered the best family bar in the area.

7. Mini golf and amusement park Salatà

8. Mini golf Luna Park

9. Minigolf Els Pins

10. Can Quicu – Restaurant and Minigolf

11. Bar Mam Minigolf

12. Bowling Lloret

13. Minigolf lliure

14. Rostisseria coronel mini golf

15. Minigolf Els Ocells Font Rubí

mini golf ocells

16. Bowling Golf Calella

17. Karting Cross Costa Brava

How to choose the best mini golf

If what you want is to have a good time with children, the best ones are the simplest tracks with few difficulties, so they don’t lose interest easily.

On the other hand, if they are more competitive and go in groups of family or friends, those with different levels of difficulty are ideal for these competition groups. As they progress they become more complex.

Depending on the time of year you visit, the mini golf courses in Costa Brava that have shade are the best to choose.

They are generally located in spaces that share other activities such as tennis, bowling or simply a charming terrace to have a drink. Enjoy a good game to share together.

The selection will depend on the tastes of each person, although you will surely find many pleasant options to spend a while of healthy fun with this outdoor sport.

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