Montgrí Castle in l’Estartit

Montgrí Castle in l’Estartit. This majestic castle, which was once a military fortification, is currently an impressive attraction located at the tip of the massif of the same name.

The massís del Montgrí extends towards the sea coasts, forming an impressive coastline full of cliffs almost one hundred meters high.

There is a fabulous cobbled path, which you can climb on a walk that does not last more than an hour. From the top you can see the dazzling bay of Roses and the rice fields of Pals on the Costa Brava in the Girona region.

The castle of l’Estartit has four towers located on the edge of its corners, forming the square of its external structure. Although it is empty inside, you can climb and walk its walls.

The story behind the walls

It was built during the reign of Jaime II of Mallorca “El Justo”, between the 13th and 14th centuries. Its internal structure was never finished, since before the work was finished, the power of Barcelona over Empúries was consolidated and this work was not allowed to come to an end.

Its Gothic architecture located more than 300 meters above sea level also has a certain oriental style, due to the influence on the Crusades of the Holy Land.

It has a simple shape, but that simplicity is what makes it very attractive to tourism. It only has 4 windows, two to the east, one to the south and the last one directed to the west, none to the north. The main entrance is a semicircular arch in the central area of the fortress.

Inside the fortress there is a spiral staircase that leads to the upper part of the castle of l’Estartit. To get to the viewpoints you have to go through corridors with railings.

It is a cultural asset of the nation of Catalonia, which has taken as its goal the restoration and maintenance of this magnificent heritage of Spanish medieval culture.

Different routes to the castle of l’Estartit

Although it is a good excursion, it is not suitable for everyone. The climb is not very steep but it is an hour’s walk in which there is little chance of having shade.

During the journey, the views are impressive, especially if it is sunrise or sunset.

There are different routes with different difficulties. In the travel itinerary it is recommended to anticipate going with children or people who are not in good physical condition for this type of long walks.

For fans of photographs, they will have a great visual prize at the end of the tour to the castle of l’Estartit. On the tops of the side towers you can see the immensity of the Costa Brava, the sea and its fabulous beaches. Fabuluous beaches that you can explore with Costa Brava Boats, renting a boat in l’Estartit or renting a boat without licence.

You can go on guided tours, or if you know the way, you can walk alone, since admission is free and it is a walk that is usually crowded.

Everywhere you look, it is a beautiful walk, very striking and essential when going on vacation to this area of beautiful Girona.