Snorkelling in L’Estartit

Snorkeling is one of the most frequent activities in this town, because it offers the opportunity to appreciate the biodiversity that is hidden at the bottom of the sea. In L’Estartit there are different companies that offer snorkeling tours, the most outstanding ones are presented below based on the services they offer. Another way to get to special areas for snorkeling is to rent a boat without a license in l’Estartit.


This company offers a complete itinerary where the visitor can, beyond snorkeling, learn a little more about the marine life found in the area of the tour. In the Medas Islands, the route begins from the Port of Estartit, where a boat awaits to take visitors to the archipelago.

This tour, including all the activities on the itinerary, lasts two and a half hours, where the organizers and the snorkeling equipment are at the complete disposal of the tourists. It should be noted that the minimum age to carry out this activity is three years and that reservations can be made at any time without the need to immediately specify the day of the visit, however, scheduling the tour is important to obtain a better experience.

Snorkel Medas, La Sirena Diving Center

This company offers a quality service where snorkeling is done in the Medes Islands, since these are recognized as one of the most important marine reserves, making it one of the main tourist attractions of the town.

The duration of the tour is two hours, in which the snorkeling team provides you with all the necessary equipment to obtain an unforgettable experience. It is a tour suitable for all ages where even the little ones can have fun with the marine life identification cards that the organizers make available for them to interact with the fish and distinguish them from other species.

Escola Nautic & Diving

This company is dedicated to teaching snorkeling, because they have adequate staff to offer training in the language of origin of the visitor. For this reason, a highly personalized service is offered with the intention of putting visitors in contact with marine life and the wonderful experience that this implies.

It is a fairly complete service, where L’escola makes available to users all its knowledge in relation to marine life in a teaching process that adapts to the rhythm of the client and their needs.


This company offers various activities that include visits to this marine reserve, however, one of the most outstanding is snorkeling in the Medes Islands, where they seek to highlight the importance and beauty of this archipelago through the interaction of visitors with the environment while maintaining the protection required to preserve the site.

It is an ecological tour that seeks to preserve marine life, which is why it includes all kinds of data that promote awareness in visitors to protect the environment.

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