Where to eat on the Costa Brava

The Costa Brava is a region full of culture, history and tradition; For this reason, it is not surprising that this area has a wonderful gastronomy worth enjoying. So when searching: where to eat on the Costa Brava, find quality products, fresh, with wonderful flavors and incomparable smells. All this at the hands of the best chefs in the area, who have taken it upon themselves to do justice to the incredible flavor that this coast provides.

The best restaurants on the Costa Brava

On the Costa Brava we can find delicious dishes such as the classic suquets, which combine flavors such as red shrimp, sausage, mussels, sea urchins and all kinds of crustaceans such as sophisticated lobsters and lobster. This is not to mention that there are excellent coastal dishes such as the famous paella.

In addition, all this can be accompanied by visiting various tourist destinations, especially at the time of rent a boat on the Costa Brava to visit all the beaches and the most important areas, while enjoying the breeze and the picturesque landscapes that are drawn with cliffs, forests and, of course, with the sea on the horizon.

Restaurants on the beach on the Costa Brava

If you are looking for places to know where to eat on the Costa Brava, here are some of the best options so that you can enjoy your visit to the fullest and delight yourself with the best flavors of the most important restaurants in the region.


A place specifically designed to share in the structure of an old building dating from the 18th century, where tradition combined with modernity is reflected and the best dishes are produced to enjoy with family and friends during a visit to the Costa Brava.


For those who love the flavors of the sea, the marine decoration and the summer breeze, Tragamar, with its more than 23 years of continuous success, and with its windows overlooking the sea, is a particular place to enjoy the atmosphere, the view and, of course, the gastronomy of this particular area.

Bar Boia

It is located in Cadaqués, a town that is characterized for being one of the most important fishing areas of the Costa Brava, as well as being one of the main historical destinations in this region. Here we can find Bar Boia, where you can enjoy a delicious cocktail with the best company and with a wonderful view thanks to the fact that it has a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea.


Since the 1990s, Miramar has been characterized as a first-class hotel and restaurant, thanks to the arrival of the renowned chef Paco Péres, a Catalan who has been in charge of taking this restaurant to the top, with five Michelin stars. For this reason, it has become one of the most visited restaurants by tourists who come to the Costa Brava to enjoy a pleasant experience and the good food that these renowned chefs offer.

Remember after take a good meal in this restaurant the best option is taking the pleasure to explore Costa Brava renting a boat in the Begur with or without license.