Beaches for dogs in l’Estartit for summer

Anyone who has a dog as a pet knows that they have a faithful friend for the rest of their lives. These stalwart friends like to go for walks and many love the beach.

In today’s Costa Brava Boats blog you are going to discover which beaches for dogs in Estartit you can take them to so that they can roam freely without the risk of receiving fines and without anyone being able to bother their presence.

Stay with us to find out about the 5 dog-friendly beaches in Estartit, their exact location, how to get to the sandbanks and what rules you must respect to comply with the regulations in the province of Girona.

Locations of the beaches for dogs in Estartit

These are the locations of the dog beaches:

beach the Rubina

The address of the beach for dogs in l’Estartit de La Rubina is: 17486 Castelló d’Empúries, Girona.

This was actually the first of the beaches that were enabled to go with dogs. It is located in Empuriabrava with an extension that makes it the longest of the beaches for dogs in l’Estartit and one of the busiest in the area.

It is a fabulous virgin and natural beach. It has fine golden sand almost two kilometers long. In addition, it has all the services for the family and animals, such as a watchtower, daily sanitation service, especially during the summer vacation season.

Beach Rec de Molí

L’estartit beach for dogs of Rec del Molí is located at: Passeig Dr. Pi i Llussà, 17130 L’Escala, Girona.

Half of the beach was enabled so that dogs can have a space to spread out together with their owners.

It is surrounded by dunes, rocks and although it is not very extensive, it has all the services that may be needed in the summer. It has a viewpoint in the port of the town of l’Escala and an access to the Paseo de las Dunas.

Beach Els Griells

Els Griells beach is located at 17258 Girona. This space began to be used due to the closure of La Platera as a dog beach. That is why in front of the El Molino campsite there is a duly demarcated area to be the new beach for dogs in l’Estartit.

It is a small space, but it also has all the services and its white sand is perfect for a day of sun and sand with your four-legged friend.

Beach Las Barcas

Las Barcas dog beach is located near Platja de les Portes at: Passeig Maritim, 10, 17496 Colera, Girona.

Located in Cólera is this beautiful beach on the border with France, next to the marina.

Due to the gusts of air that border its shores, this beach is perfect for water sports such as kitesurfing, windsurfing and scuba diving.

When the Mediterranean tide rises and falls, the transformation is impressive, it is as if they were two different places.

La Platera beach

La Platera Beach has a 600 square meter “pet friendly” area next to the “El Molino” campsite between the “Els Griells” and “La Pletera” urbanizations.

How to get to the Beaches for Dogs in L’Estartit

After a day of adventure sailing with one of the Estartit boat rental boats, you will want to take your pet for a walk with the option of swimming on the beach. This is how you can get to the dog beaches in l’estartit.

How to get to the beach for dogs in l’estartit “Platja de La Rubina”

To get to La Rubina Beach by car you have to get to the roundabout on the Roses road that you find after passing the Empuriabrava aerodrome.
You have parking next to the sandbank and you must take into account that it is an area of the Aiguamolls de l’Empordà Natural Park, which is in the regeneration phase and demands the utmost respect for the environment.

How to get to the beach for dogs “Rec del Molí”

To get to the Estartit beach for dogs, Rec del Molí you have to visit L’Escala. It is the first of the sandy areas of the Empúries beaches, and you can find it at the beginning of the Paseo de las Dunas.

How to get to the dog beach “Els Griells”

To get to the beach of “Els Griells” you have to go to the town of Torroella de Montgrí and stand in front of the El Molino campsite. To know that you have arrived, the Medes Islands, located in front of the sandbank, will serve as a reference.
How to get to the beach for dogs “Playa de las barcas”
To get to this beach you have to locate yourself in the town of Colera, right next to the border with France. It is located next to the marina in the middle of the urban center. You have no loss!

How to get to the beach for dogs “La platera”

Without leaving Playa de L’Estartit you can reach La Platera beach after the Mirador del Parc Natural del Montgri and the Bassa del Fra Ramón. By road you can arrive by the Camí dels Coixins and the Camí de la Gola de Sobre Ter and park in a public car park.

Rules and recommendations of the L’Estartit Dog Beach

  • It is important to respect the rules of each of the delimited places to be with the animals, as well as always carry bags to collect the excrement.
  • If they are short-haired or have a lack of fur somewhere, special sunscreen should be applied to their skin.
  • There are some beaches where it is necessary to carry the documentation of the animal regarding its vaccinations.
  • In times of high heat, you must always carry water for the dog and prevent it from drinking sea water or eating sand, as it can be very harmful to its health.

Our last recommendations are you can rent a boat without licence in Estartit.