The best coves in Calella de Palafrugell

In Calella de Palafrugell coves There are landscapes like no other area of the Costa Brava, for all tastes; couples, friends and families will be able to have incredible experiences in these natural spaces.

There are several options with easy access to enjoy the landscapes with crystal clear waters, whether on foot, by car or by public transport, you can visit these beautiful spaces to spend a pleasant time with your loved ones.

You can get services available to tourists to make them feel more comfortable and taste the dishes and sandwiches of the place, a refreshing drink will surely help to mitigate the heat during the day.

Although, in some places it is necessary to be prepared with vital items, as sometimes happens in virgin coves, they are difficult to access, but it is worth daring to visit for its unparalleled beauty; no matter which one is known, enjoyment and relaxation are guaranteed.

1. La Platgeta

La Platgeta is undoubtedly one of the favorite calella de palafrugell coves among tourists and the locals themselves.
It is located in the urban area a few kilometers south of Calella, with coarse sand and easy access even by car. It can also be reached on foot or by public transport. It is an ideal option if you travel with children or elderly people.

2. Cala Sant Roc

A true natural beauty located in Calella in a residential area with easy access via stairs that lead to the beach.
In this cove of Calella de Palafrugell you will take the best photos of your trip, since it is surrounded by beautiful cliffs and old fishermen’s porches.
A small and special place to spend a romantic afternoon with your partner in the company of the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

La Platgeta

3. Aigua-Xelida

This beautiful cove is 40 meters long and is surrounded by pine forests. It is located to the North of Tamariu and is accessed through some stairs near the urbanization of the same name.

4. Tamariu

Another of the best calella de palafrugell coves. Its beauty is built through the contrast between the houses on the beach, the cliff full of nature, the golden color of the sand and the transparent waters of the shore.

5. Cala Pedrosa

Under the cliffs of Puig dels Frares hides another of the most beautiful coves in Calella de Palafrugell.

It is a completely virgin space that cannot be accessed by car, so one of the best options is to visit it on one of the Calella de Palafrugell boat rental boats or without license thanks to Costa Brava Boats.


A location of incomparable beauty. In the vicinity of Llafranc beach there are places like the mountain and the San Sebastiá Lighthouse, one of the best viewpoints in the area.

On this beach you can relax and sunbathe next to the boats with which the delicacies that you can taste in the town’s restaurants are caught.



7. Calella De Palafrugell

The best known beach in Calella de Palafrugell is Port-Bo. It is attached to the houses of the town, creating a very cozy and familiar atmosphere in which to enjoy a warm bath.

8. Golfet Beach

A cove located to the south of Calella, well preserved and with exquisite natural wealth. Walkers and couples have an idyllic setting from which to enjoy the views.

It is a cove of coarse sand flanked by cliffs, beautiful vegetation and crystal clear waters.

9. Cala dels Gens or Cau

La Cala dels Gens or del Cau is considered one of the best calella de palafrugell coves for the natural beauty of its surroundings. Located between Tamariu and Cabo de San Sebastiá, this is another cove with difficult access that is worth visiting with a chartered boat.



Easily accessible coves

What options do you have when going to Calella de Palafrugell coves?? There are spaces for all tastes, but La Platgeta is undoubtedly one of the favorites among tourists and the locals themselves.

It is located in the urban area a few kilometers south of Calella, to spend a very different day, it has coarse sand, making it ideal to arrive by car; however, you can go on foot or by bus, depending on how you prefer. It is appropriate for a trip with the whole family, children, siblings, parents, everyone will have a wonderful experience.

Another of the recurring options is the Sant Roc cove, a true natural beauty located in Calella in a residential area, so it can be easily accessed; If you want to continue exploring the natural charms of Palafrugell, you can find stairs that lead to the beach.

The best photos can also be obtained here, with beautiful cliffs and old fishermen’s porches. A small and special place to spend a romantic time as a couple with the atmosphere offered by the Mediterranean Sea.

Little tropical paradise

The unexplored will always be interesting and the Calella de Palafrugell virgin coves they will captivate the brave who dares to adventure. Some are difficult to access, so it is a good option rent a boat in Aiguafreda for your transfer.

It is advisable to go equipped with what is necessary, since it is rare to find services in these places; As it is difficult to access, there is little influx of people, so it is perfect to relax, meditate and have quality time with your partner.

An example of this is El Golfet, a well-preserved cove located to the south of Calella with an exquisite natural setting. Hikers and couples choose to visit this cove to enjoy its spaces, being able to access on foot or by boat.

It has coarse sand, cliffs, beautiful vegetation and crystalline waters to dive into; after a long day of enjoyment and relaxation you can use the showers located in Golfet.