The beauty of Cala Margarida in Palamós

Cala Margarida Palamós is one of the beautiful beaches that you can enjoy with a Costa Brava boat rental. This small cove is located in the municipality of Palamós and is characterized by being a fishermen’s beach, where it is possible to see the stranded boats and the traditional fishermen’s houses as in the past.

How to get to Cala Margarida Palamós?

Access to the cove is possible through different routes but without a doubt our recommendation is to go by boat, from Port de la Marina, in what will be a journey of just under 10 minutes. A different trip that you can share with family and friends to remember with love. The cove is located under Cap Gross and offers wonderful views of it, which is why it is frequently visited in summer.

It is also possible to access the beach through Playa de la Fosca, walking in just over 20 minutes or by car from the city of Palamós. From Cala Margarida de Palamós there is also a path leading to Cap Gross from which it is possible to enjoy the natural environment of this coastal area.

Thanks to the nearby Palamós Cala Margarida campsite and the old fishermen’s houses refurbished as a summer resort, it is a popular cove with a lot of atmosphere during the summer season

What to see in Cala Margarida de Palamós?

Boat rental in Palamós allows you to enjoy a complete and pleasant visit to Cala Margarida Palamós, frequented by boats that come or embark for a walk around this place on the Costa Brava. You can find different options for boat rental without a license in Palamós that allows the general public to enjoy this experience and that you can easily find among the Costa Brava boat rental options.

Marine Fauna

Once in Palamós Cala Margarida you will be able to see the islets of La Negra and Figuera Borda on the horizon, which in addition to being very attractive visually are a great opportunity to go scuba diving and get to know the seabed of the area.

Tourists can request to have a professional guide, or in case of having the necessary experience, they can bring their own equipment to explore the wonders of the species in this depth of about 25 meters.

Fans of water sports and activities are the ones who really value the beauty of the sea floor in Cala Margarida in Palamós.

Anyone wishing to get started in the world of diving can find here one of the best coves to do it, since they will be able to observe starfish, marine fauna and flora, and species with great value for the ecology of the place.

Fishermen for a day

In Palamós an interesting activity is offered where tourists become fishermen for a day. This includes the fish auction, or if you wish you can do ecotourism, hiking, and visit the fishing museum.

Crystalline waters

For the most risky in the activities that can be done is the kayak. With its crystal clear waters and several rocks jutting out of the water that look like mini islets, tourists can travel in its vertiginous waters using the regulation equipment.

With the large number of tourist attractions that exist for visitors to this beautiful cove, it is not surprising that visits are constant. From spending a quiet day under the sun, to bathing in the transparent waters of the Mediterranean, everything is a splendor.


History of Cala Margarida in Palamós

Cala Margarida

This beautiful cove was used in the Middle Ages as the home of sailors. A beautiful place to rest from those long trips that the sailors made, for fear of contracting an infection from those places they had visited and were unaware of.

That is why Cala Margarida Palamós it was a quarantine zone for these sailors, so as not to put the population at risk. A wonderful place to spend a few days of disconnection.