Llafranc beach and its natural charm

In the Municipality of Palafrugell, specifically in Costa Brava, there is Llafranc beach, with 330 meters in length and reaching 35 meters in width, being one of the widest beaches in the area; Located in front of the urban area, it is also connected to a bay that is located at the foot of the Sant Sebastià mountain.

It is an extension of golden and fine sand, with deep blue waters, completely crystalline and with moderate waves; its vegetation is beautiful with green tones, an aspect that is further enhanced when appreciating the pine forests that surround the beach.

In addition, it is well-preserved as a natural space as it is always clean and with a pleasant appearance, so it is not surprising that they have a blue flag in consideration of all its attributes.

It can be said that it is divided into two zones:

  • On the left side of the beach there is a small port with boats stranded on the sand, it is facing the direction of the sea.
  • The rocky tip of the Blanc is on the right side and is usually frequented by bathers, also named “the Garbí band” due to the characteristics of the wind; It has almost 40 meters wide of fine sand.

Also, it can be viewed from the Llafranc beach numerous boats that usually travel near the bay, leaving a few kilometers away from the coast. A true landscape is created that contrasts the natural beauty with the fishing and recreational boats.

Services available on the beach

But, it is not only about the natural beauty that this site offers, but also that it has excellent services available that make it easy for them to obtain the blue flag. For the tranquility and comfort of visitors, the beach is within the urban area, so if you need something else you can easily go to the premises located a few meters away.

It has basic services to meet the needs of tourists without problems: toilets, showers and bins, are available to everyone to keep the space well-preserved and clean. As for the local gastronomy, Llafranc beach offers a variety of restaurants, shops and bars for all tastes; Also, there is free Wi-Fi to always have a connection.

Imagine being in a hammock swaying in the gentle breeze while enjoying a refreshing drink or sailing through the waters of the Mediterranean Sea with the best company. Isn’t that relaxing?

All this can be possible with the rental services found in this beautiful site, you can rent a boat in Llafranc or rent a boat without license at llafranc with Costa Brava Boats to enjoy the ocean current, there is also rental of umbrellas, beach bars and hammocks.

One of the attractions of Llafranc beach is the promenade, a meeting place for the two ends of the beach, with the sound of the sea and the view that makes it an ideal environment to enjoy the sunset with a pleasant walk.