Diving in l’Estartit

L’Estartit is known for its natural beauty and crystal clear waters in different areas. An ideal place to practice diving, since its fauna and flora are beautiful to contemplate up close.

Diving fans and lovers of the sea can join this aquatic adventure in various landscapes. The Costa Brava is one of the best-known areas with extensive beaches and places to relax after an exciting walk.

Diving in l’Estartit it is an opportunity for unique experiences under the sea. Whether on the Costa Brava or in little-explored areas, you should not miss out on the marine treasure that awaits there. A perfect option to enjoy this experience is renting a boat in l’Estartit or renting a boat without licence thank you to Costa Brava Boats.

Places to dive in L’Estartit

Traveling to I’Estartit means having numerous areas to explore outside and inside the water. Some of the best places to dive are:

Diving in Medes Islands

In this destination there is not one, but multiple spaces to explore, since you can find Meda Gran and Meda Petita. In them stands out islets such as: La Vaca, El Dofí, El Salpatxot and Pota del Lllop.

Being a nature reserve, it presents the beauty of marine fauna in its habitat, during the experience you will be able to see groupers, sea eagles, blennys, lobsters, among other interesting creatures.

Palamós and Boreas

Diving in l’Estartit offers an interesting exploration of Palamós, with the beauty of the marine landscape with aquatic animals and plants. You will be able to enjoy a unique experience when contemplating the evidence of an accident that occurred in 1989.

Boreas was a German transport, which in the past sank on one of its voyages, creating an artificial reef over time. This ship is 32 meters deep and knowing it is an exciting adventure for tourists.

Punta Santa Anna

In the town of Blanes is Punta Santa Anna, which offers an incredible paradisiacal landscape. It is a well-known and visited space by lovers of diving in the place.

Diving in l’Estartit For people with little experience it is ideal in this area. You can dive up to 16 meters maximum.

Els Bullents

An adventure under the sea 25 meters deep with access from the sea. This site located in Lloret de Mar has numerous specimens of lobsters. Due to its size, it is preferable to attend in the company of a guide.

As for the flora of the most superficial areas of this area, it is largely covered by Posidonia. To enjoy diving in this place, you must go to the port of Canyelles.

Diving in Mar Menuda

With easy access from the beach for diving in l’Estartit you will find the Mar Menuda located in Tossa de Mar. There you will see and learn about the diverse fauna of its immense space: conger eels, imperial bream, great dentex, seahorses and other beautiful specimens.

You can dive from a few meters deep to 20 meters. You will be able to notice the difference between the fauna and flora during the trip to the bottom of the sea.

In I’Estartit there are incredible places to visit, tourists will enjoy a memorable experience when diving to the depth of the sea.