Boat rental in Empuriabrava

Empuriabrava is made up of many artificial canals through which you can navigate as if it were a small Spanish Venice.

When you take a boat rental in Empuriabrava, these have everything necessary on board to maintain the safety and fun of the crew. That is why renting a boat in this town is common and has several points to take into account.

At Begurboats you can rent a boat in l’Escala and go to Empuriabrava.

Some of these criteria that should be taken into consideration are:

  • The number of people who will be on the boat to rent.
  • The amount of money available to live this experience.
  • Take your time to do the necessary paperwork and investigate which is the most suitable boat for your particular needs.
  • El tiempo que durará el paseo, si es de un solo día o de varios.The time that the walk will last, if it is a single day or several.

In case of a single day trip, electric boats can be rented without any type of license.

Travel safely and responsibly in Empuriabrava

Boat rental in Empuriabrava it must be responsibly, so it is important that people be careful not to swim in the channels because it is prohibited. The waste is kept inside the boat until it can be disposed of, after the boat is delivered.

equipment rental in Empuriabrava

They must stay within the channels within the speed limit established for this type of boat. They must also sail to the right and give space to the larger boats.

The canal tours offer a beautiful ride, but if you have what it takes to sail a sailboat out of the marina, then one can be chartered with or without a crew.

If you know how to navigate, have a license and the knowledge for this adventure, you can do it without any problem and enjoy with the people you want to take on this trip through Empuriabrava.

In case of renting a boat in Empuriabrava with crew, they will give you the necessary indications of what can be done and not inside and outside the boat.

Choose the sailboat or boat you prefer to navigate

There is a vast number and style of beautiful sailboats with the right accommodations for various types of people and different numbers.

boat rental in Empuriabrava

If you travel with children, you must have the foresight to keep them constantly under surveillance to avoid any incident due to imprudence.

You can also rent boats, motor boats or pneumatic boats. Each one is differentiated by the way it is handled, the places where each one can be reached and the amount of things that can be had on board.

The experience of people who decide to rent a boat in Empuriabrava for the high seasons they usually have good preparation and experience in the field. They can meet any customer need and keep them safe in their experience.

A boat trip through the Empuriabrava marina or sailing beyond the coast means keeping in touch with the majestic nature of the Mediterranean Sea. Everyone can spend wonderful moments that create unforgettable memories with their loved ones.