Activities with children on the Costa Brava

On the Costa Brava there are endless activities that you can do with adults and children of all ages. There are options to enjoy all its corners, nature, history and of course, towns and beaches with crystal clear waters along the coast you can enjoy renting a boat in Begur.

The Costa Brava is one of the best – if not the best tourist destination on the Catalan coast – to enjoy family holidays.

But why is it so? This is because it has various natural spaces and multiple attractions so that people of all ages can find something to have fun. Here you can find everything from crystalline beaches and natural landscapes of the Mediterranean Sea, to castles, monuments and attractive towns for other activities.

In addition, you can also find different activities with children on the Costa Brava so that the holidays are fun both for them and for adults, there is the possibility of renting a boat on the Costa Brava to visit wonderful places. Are you going to miss it?

What to do with children on the Costa Brava?

Once you are on the Costa Brava, you can select one of the available destinations, among which Blanes or L’Estartit stand out, charming regions where we can do different activities to entertain and have fun in the company of the little ones in the house.

If you are interested in the attractions available for activities with children on the Costa Brava, here you will find some of the most exciting and outstanding:

1. The enchanting beaches

Of course, the main tourist destination in this town are the beaches, beautiful coasts with wonderful views that offer a natural space where all kinds of recreational activities can be carried out. All this without mentioning that near the beaches we can find other destinations to visit with children, such as picturesque towns, pine forests, coves and cliffs to explore with the family.

2. Tropical gardens

If the little ones in the house are interested in everything related to flora and fauna, they cannot miss visiting the beautiful tropical gardens that are located in this region, as well as the Blanes botanical gardens where, for example, There are all kinds of plants and it is a natural space for outdoor activities.

3. Water parks

For the most daring little ones, there are different water parks on the Costa Brava that can be explored, such as the emblematic water park in the sea in Empuriabrava or the Aquadiver in Platja d’Aro.

In spaces like this, you can find attractions for all ages, with various types of games for the whole family where everyone can decide how to have fun while sharing and enjoying the day with the family.

4. Natural parks

The Costa Brava is an attractive region, among other things, because of the beautiful landscapes it contains, where different natural forms are mixed to create an experience that is very different from any other tourist destination. It is for this reason that on a family trip, excursions to the most emblematic natural parks in the area cannot be missing to carry out all kinds of activities with children on the Costa Brava.

In addition, in these parks we can find specific routes that take us through the most important areas, which can be on horseback, by bicycle or simply for family walks. This is an excellent opportunity to do outdoor activities and enjoy this particular climate of the coastal zone.

5. The Astronomical Observatory

The Albanyá Astronomical Observatory, located in Bassegoda, Girona, is a great activity to do with the family and learn more about the universe of the stars. You can enjoy the beauty of the place and the largest telescope in the entire area, it will be worth getting closer.

6. The Fageda Farm

The Fageda Farm located near Olot, will undoubtedly surprise and delight both adults and children. Have you ever seen how milk is turned into yogurt or how a cow is milked? Or maybe get to know how the prepartum lambs are conditioned. You cannot miss this visit to see the farm animals in person.

7. Tamariu Beach

Carrying out activities with children on the Costa Brava means enjoying its wonderful beaches in the coastal zone. A good choice for this will be the charming beaches at the foot of charming coastal towns, such as Playa Tamariu.
This coastal town located in the Baix Empordá area, is in the municipality of Palafruguell and is a very popular beach to enjoy a day at the beach with the family.

8. Empuriabrava

Another of the Costa Brava activities with children is to visit the town of Empuriabrava, with small canals that cross the city along 25 kilometers of canals, a pearl of the Mediterranean to enjoy boating with the little ones.

9. Butterfly Park in Empuriabrava

In Ampuriabrava you can take advantage of and visit the Butterfly Park, an authentic paradise of colors where you can contemplate the wonders of nature in Alt Ampurdán.
You will be able to learn how some of the most unknown animals live, such as parrots, bats, and learn everything about the life cycles of butterflies. One of the great activities to do with children on the Costa Brava.

10. The Serinyà caves

The Serinya caves in Banyoles are another great entertainment in the area. Here you will be able to learn how our ancestors lived in prehistoric times and how the transition to modern man took place, how Neanderthals lived, hunted and gathered, etc. An authentic walk through prehistoric times

10. The Serinyà caves

The Serinya caves in Banyoles are another great entertainment in the area. Here you will be able to learn how our ancestors lived in prehistory and how the transition took place.

11. Mona Foundation

The Mona Foundation and its rehabilitation center for animals such as gorillas or chimpanzees, which have suffered some type of damage or deterioration due to public exposure in entertainment events such as circuses or shows typical of the entertainment industry.

They offer the opportunity for them to recover their freedom and living conditions in contact with nature, promoting the awareness of adults and children about the care and respect for these animals. A great proposal to offer to the little ones and to take into account among the Costa Brava activities with children, located in Riudellots de la Selva.

12. Monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes

If you like history and architecture and want to introduce children to this world, you can organize a cultural visit, such as a trip to the Monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes in the Alt Empordá.
In addition to enjoying the nature at the top of the Sierra de Rodes, you can visit this Romanesque building on the seafront. With imposing facades and many details of this period style, it is a place worth visiting.

13. The Ruins of Empúries

Las Ruinas de Empúries gathers remains of civilizations from ancient Rome and ancient Greece, part of their legacy in the Iberian Peninsula. An authentic treasure to be able to enjoy with beautiful views of the Mediterranean.

14. Tossa de Mar

An obligatory visit is the medieval town in Tossa de Mar, a beautiful walled construction, you can enjoy a historical heritage at the foot of the sea.

15. Boat visits to the Medes Islands

One of the best Costa Brava activities with children is to see the Medes Islands or the Montgrí Natural Park, nature paradises for which the best option is boat tours, which you can organize and hire through Costa Brava Boats.

The best places to spend the day on the Costa Brava with children?

A great option in which to enjoy all kinds of activities with children costa brava is to spend the day in the AquaBrava water park in Roses, a municipality on the Costa Brava North of Girona, or in the adventure park of Sant Feliu de Guixols in Bajo Ampurdán, where you can enjoy hiking, paint ball and exciting circuits in the trees. Fun and varied possibilities to bring the whole family together and make the little ones enjoy.