Where to surf on the Costa Brava?

On the beaches of the Girona coast you can find countless beaches to practice water activities. From getting to know the coast by boat, to practicing surf in costa brava and enjoy the best beaches, and most importantly, you can enjoy the best waves if you are a fan of this sport

Best surf courses on the Costa Brava

On the Costa Brava you can find different schools that offer classes and summer camps to learn and practice water activities such as surfing or windsurfing. Among them you can choose the Wind Phase, located in Sant Pere Pescador, or Agro Rural Surf in l’Estartit, where you can also enjoy other activities.

Other well-known schools that you can find out about are Forca 3 in Sant Feliu de Guixols, or the Ones school, located in the port of Cadaqués

The best beaches for surfing on the Costa Brava

The main characteristics to be able to practice surfing on a beach on the Costa Brava are the following:

  • have a quiet environment
  • few bathers
  • there is wind

The quality of the waves will depend to a large extent on the wind in the coastal area. But other factors will also influence such as the orientation of the beach, the tide at the time of carrying out the practice and the characteristics of the swell.

Sant Pere Pescador

Among the most relevant options for taking courses in Surf in la Costa Brava, including sites such as Sant Pere Pescador beach, which in fact is recognized as one of the luxury spots to practice this sport in Costa Brava for all the benefits it offers to visitors

Playa de la Fosca

It offers surfing possibilities in Costa Brava for all levels, although it is somewhat overcrowded by surfers.



Surf classes and workshops in l’Estartit, enjoy the initiation in this sport thanks to the professionals and better conditions to practice this sport from scratch. In addition, due to the beauty and conditions of the place, it is a great location both to start and to enjoy the intensity of the activity in great days of surfing in the area.

Where are there more waves on the Costa Brava to surf?

If you are a beginner, the size of the waves is not relevant, since with small waves it will be easier to practice basic things such as standing up or starting to turn. However, if you already have a more or less advanced level, you will be interested in the height of the waves and ensure good breaks in areas where you can surf comfortably displaying your skills.
As for which is the beach with the most waves on the Costa Brava for surfing, it is the previously mentioned beach, l’Estartit.
One of the beaches with the most surf classes and workshops, where you can enjoy an initiation in this sport thanks to professionals and better conditions to practice this sport from scratch.
You will find the best waves on the Costa Brava in l’Estartit between the autumn and winter seasons.

Surf and more on the Costa Brava

For adrenaline lovers, there is no more exciting activity than doing Surf in Costa Brava, where you can enjoy the big waves, the wind and an incomparable climate.
All this is best done between the months of October to May, an ideal season to practice this type of sports and enjoy other attractions that the town offers.

It is important to take into account that during this time, the temperature can drop a bit, so it is common for tourists to be surprised or a little scared by the weather. However, the important thing to do surf Costa Brava During this time, the wind is perfect to be able to ride the waves in complete comfort, living a completely different experience from what can be expected.

Take the opportunity to tour the coast and complete the experience with visits to the best places, ports and charming fishing villages throughCosta Brava Boats.

In addition to the surf courses, there are many attractions that can be enjoyed during your stay, including visits to the most important and emblematic sites in the region such as castles, medieval monuments, natural parks, water parks, etc. Have not you decided yet?