Best diving centers in L’Estartit

The best aquatic adventures will be enjoyed with the diving centers of l’Estartit. A walk under the sea that will lead you to explore the fauna and flora of a protected area in the Illes Medas. With the necessary equipment to enjoy a fantastic experience.

Being a site with numerous beaches and nature reserves, L’Estartit offers various options for diving. From the spaces of the Costa Brava and beyond, for tours in small groups, exploration with guides under the sea that ensure fun.

A totally different experience will be known on this trip, a marine world awaits with its secrets and treasures. Tourists have the chance to see wildlife in their natural habitat by renting a boat in l’Estartit.

Walks under the sea in L’Estartit

Dive centers offer a safe and exciting sea tour, some of the best options are presented below:

Diving Center La Sirena

One of the diving centers in l’Estartit in Costa Brava that offers a professional service to explore the sea up to 8 meters deep. A moment to share with the family, suitable for children from 10 years of age.

There is no need to worry about safety, at Diving Center La Sirena, they advise on vital issues such as equipment and diving rules, in addition, they teach how to communicate after submerging.

Diving with UNISUB

This diving center offers a complete service for lovers of the sea. From 9:00 am you can start a marine adventure with the support of the UNISUB professional team.

Even those tourists who have never lived this experience, will be able to achieve it with the center’s courses, which offer guidance for different levels from beginner to advanced.

Oceansub L’Estartit

The most renowned aquatic spaces in L’Estartit, such as the Costa de Montgrí and the Illes Medas, are some of the places to explore. Diving is done in small groups, which allows you to reach little-known areas.

For photography lovers, they can learn to capture the best pictures at Oceansub. One of the best diving centers in l’Estartit by offering learning and experience, in and out of the water, to get to know the marine world.

El Rei del Mar

Tourists will be able to enjoy the baptism by entering the water for 20 minutes, up to 10 meters deep, in the company of a professional.

The Rei del Mar offers accommodation with television, jacuzzi, sauna and other services to relax after an exciting trip under the sea.

To consider in l’Estartit

If you want to enjoy this aquatic activity, it is essential to visit the diving centers of l’Estartit They have professionals in the area. For beginners and even experienced people, they must have a safety team and a guide to support the walk.

For this reason, it is important to inquire about their courses, equipment, transportation, and spaces to wash up, all for comfort. In addition, each enclosure has different routes, if you want to explore the Costa Brava, the Illes Medas or another different space, you should consider when choosing.

Safety and professionalism is essential, to enjoy the marine beauty that awaits in L’Estartit with Costa Brava Boats.