Water activities in Palamós

Palamós is a fairly complete town if you are looking for a place to spend your family vacations and enjoy a pleasant experience for everyone. Especially since it has various possibilities for water activities.

In addition, thanks to the variety of places, beaches and tourist destinations, one of the best options to visit this site is to opt for the boat rental in Palamós since it will allow us to live a different and fun experience.

But, the boat rental is not the only thing that we are going to find if what we do is search water activities in Palamós, but we can also enjoy other activities such as scuba diving, kayaking, sailing and even learn and practice paddle surfing.

Activities you can’t miss

Palamós has water activities of all kinds, taking into account that each tourist has different tastes and preferences, which means that, whatever the reason for the visit, it will be possible to find a place to enjoy these activities. For this reason, here you can find the best options for your holidays in this town:

  1. Kayak: in Palamós there are various companies dedicated to this specific activity, such as the Palamós Nautical Station or Calonge Sant-Antoni, where we can find various options to enjoy a kayak ride, one of the water activities in Palamós most requested.
  2. Sailing: Palamós is considered a sailing paradise, because it has an environment suitable for practicing this activity and enjoying the landscape to the fullest, regardless of whether you are a professional or a beginner.
  3. Paddle surfing: this particular sport is considered one of the easiest water activities to do, in addition, it is suitable for all types of public and does not require very specific conditions to be able to practice it, taking into account that it is a kind of stand-up surfing.

These are just some of the water activities available in Palamós, however, there are thousands of options available taking into account the tastes and preferences of each one.

Boat rental in Palamós

Many people decide to spend their holidays in this place due to the availability of rental boats in Palamós, which allows tourists to make expeditions and tours through the interconnected beaches, coves and bays, making the trip much less limited and more relaxing.

With the rental of boats we can visit places like the Medes Islands, Cala Golfet, Cueva de Gispert, Cala Sa Tuna, Cap de Norfeu, among others.

In these beautiful paradises, you can also do various water activities, as well as relaxation spaces if you are looking for a place to rest, enjoy the weather and be in the company of family or friends. For this reason, this option is one of the most popular in Palamós. Are you going to run out rent your boat in Costa Brava Boats?