Best excursions in Aiguafreda

The most daring travelers may be drawn to extreme activities during excursions in Aiguafreda. Until very recently, there was only one path to reach the Aiguafreda cove; you had to go between Calle Sant Antoni de Begur going down a shortcut through the woods; quite an adventure. Later, they decided to link this cove with the old path to Begur-Sa Tuna.

To get to this little paradise, you must follow the Camino de Ronda from Begur; You will pass through Cova del Capellans and Ses Vaques, but when you leave them behind and just before reaching Cap Sa Sal, you will come across this very small but spectacular cove.

As for the excursion from Aiguafreda to Aiguablava in Begur; It is definitely one of the most difficult to do, worthy only of people with great physical condition or a great desire to overcome obstacles. It is recommended that if you do not know the way or are not sure of the difficulty, have a guide, since you will have to travel a route that has a drop of 496 m and lasts 3 hours and a half.

Despite the fact that at first glance it may not be the most popular environment among bathers, this cove is easily accessible, it has bathrooms and showers for its visitors, and you can also immerse yourself in its crystal clear waters; It is very fun to walk with children since you can even rent a boat in aiguafreda in Costa Brava Boats.

In the event that you prefer to sunbathe, the fact that it does not have sand and that most of it is concrete does limit the walk a bit; however, visitors are not overwhelmed by this and settle among the rocks to enjoy the day.

The excursions in Aiguafreda cannot be mentioned without mentioning its wonderful seabed; since thanks to a great variety and number of caves, this place has been very frequented by divers, both the most experienced, and those who want to start in this spectacular hobby.

Other things to enjoy in Aiguafreda cove

If you come to make excursions in Aiguafreda, you will probably come following the route of the Camino de Ronda, but this is not the case in all cases. If you prefer to visit it by car, you can arrive without any inconvenience and park your car near the cove; since they offer parking service.

If you go with children or you don’t feel like preparing takeaway food, you can count on the area’s picnic area. If you are looking for something more consistent, you can visit the beach bar or the restaurant, so that the trip with children will not be affected by their sudden appetite.

In the event that you want to immerse yourself in the world of scuba diving, but do not have the equipment, you can rent them at the Aiguafreda diving center. And if you do not have experience in this activity, you can also join the underwater excursions.

As additional information, if being under the sea is not your thing, in this same diving center they have kayak rentals. So no matter what your favorite activity is, you can have a lot of fun with the excursions in Aiguafreda.