Beneteau Boat Rentals

Beneteau Boat Rentals

Beneteau is one of the leading brands in boat rentals for sailing due to its quality and features for the general public. At Costa Brava Boats, you can enjoy Beneteau boat rentals with the guarantee and safety provided by this boat, along with the additional option of having a boat skipper.

In some cases, it is necessary to have an expert skipper accompany the voyage to be able to contract the service through Beneteau boat rentals.

How much does it cost to rent Beneteau boats?

You can choose from different Beneteau rental options, and it will always be a good choice. Whether it is sailing or motorboats, you are about to embark on an unforgettable experience.

You can enjoy Beneteau boat rentals from very economical rates, starting at 120 euros, as in the case of the Clipper Beneteau Oceanis 323 model, which has two cabins and 9.65 meters in length with a capacity for 9 people. Or perhaps choose an option for more people like the Beneteau Excess 12 from 2020, a boat with 6 cabins and a capacity for 13 people. In this case, you will need a skipper during navigation to handle this luxury boat, starting at 1000 euros for Beneteau boat rentals.

The Beneteau Antares or First models are also economical, with rentals starting at 220 euros for the model with a capacity for 8 people and an optional skipper. If you want a more complete sailing experience, you have the opportunity for Beneteau Oceanis rentals at different prices and with advanced features.

Do I need a nautical license for Beneteau boat rentals?

To rent Beneteau boats, you do not need a nautical license to operate the boat, as the Beneteau boat rental service from Costa Brava Boats offers the possibility of having a navigation skipper.

Rent your boat on the Costa Brava


The Costa Brava offers us an unbeatable environment to enjoy the sea, which is why with Costa Brava Boats you can rent your boat near the main coves and most attractive beaches in the area.



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