Do you want to know the caves that are hidden near the Cap de Begur?

The Costa Brava caves, due to its relief of rocky cliffs and ledges towards the sea, is a place full of hidden places of exceptional natural beauty. This is the case of its sea caves, only accessible by sea, magical corners ideal for excursions in the area and worth exploring.

These are the caves that are hidden near Cap de Begur, discovering the area with the Costa Brava Boat Rental is one of the most special ways:

La Cova D’en Gispert Begur

This magnificent cave is located in Begur, between the coves of Aiguablava and Aiguaxelida. It is undoubtedly the longest and most spectacular on the Costa Brava. In both coves, you can access the cave by small boat and make a very nice excursion. The Cova D’en Gispert has a depth of about 150 meters and widens until it reaches the well-known Final Room. Something very curious is that for two days a year, sunlight penetrates the cave completely to its deepest point. These days are usually in mid-August, it is worth finding out and taking a boat trip taking advantage of this spectacular light. A good option is to rent a boat in Begur to get to know the area from the sea.

La Cova del Bisbe Begur

La Cova del Bisbe Begur Also located between Aiguablava and Aiguaxelida, the Cueva del Bisbe Begur is next to the Cueva D’en Gispert. It is about 40 meters deep and it is ideal to explore it by boat. The Cueva del Bisbe Begur cave can be accessed from Aiguablava Beach or from Tamariu Beach, both beautiful.

La Cova de la Sal Begur

The Cueva de la Sal is located between Cala Montgó and Punta del Milà, it can only be accessed by kayak or boat and it has a small pebble cove ideal for snorkelling. The beautiful cave, about 20 meters high and 25 meters deep, is a bit hidden, but worth exploring. It is very famous and well regarded among the residents of l’Escala and Torroella de Montgrí, so if you plan to spend a few days in the Baix Empordà area, don’t miss this unique excursion.

La Foradada de Begur

La Foradada is a sea cave open on both sides, located on the coast of the Montgrí Natural Park, under Cap Castell. An interesting excursion to contemplate is to follow the coastal path that goes from Cala Pedrosa to Cala Ferriol. Any medium-sized boat can go through its tunnel without any problem, so going by boat or kayak is also a good idea to discover this charming spot on the Costa Brava. La Foradada is located in the middle of l’Escala and l’Estartit, so you can start the excursion from either of the two coasts (by boat it takes less than 20 minutes).

La Banyera de la Russa Begur

The Russian bath is a small inlet sheltered in the cliffs under the castle of Cap Roig, located between Mont-ras and Calella de Palafrugell. Where the Massoni cove forms, is this unique spot full of history. It all started in 1927, when the Woevodsky couple settled on the Costa Brava, very close to Calella de Palafrugell. Mrs. Woevodsky had a special predilection for bathing in the crystalline waters of Cala Massoni, and this is how this corner came to be popularly called The Russian Bathtub.

All these natural landscapes in the form of sea caves are fantastic ideas for excursions in the Begur area, in the heart of the Costa Brava. Magical corners, accessible for those who want to go by boat with Costa Brava Boats or for those who want to go on a kayak excursion from a beach. Some of these caves are also perfect for snorkeling and observing the beauty of the seabed in crystal clear waters.